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Introducing the revolutionary FeatherFox.  A remarkably different way to pick chickens!

Watch the video to learn more!

  • Improve safety by eliminating sharp knives in the picking room

  • Reduce labor costs for maintaining your pickers

  • Extend finger life through our innovative design

  • Improve picking through our unique finger design

  • Lower overall costs in your picking room

Contact us to set up a test in your plant today!

Picking Fingers

We offer a full line of picking fingers for today's poultry processors.  These "Made in the USA" fingers fit the traditional finger plates found in picking rooms across the country.

The fingers come in black or colors and a full range of durometers.  These fingers are all designed to pick every feather while maintaining high yield while not damaging your product.

Contact us today and we'll have our picking experts help you make the proper selection and support you in your picking room.

Full Selection of Picking Fingers
Individual picking fingers
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